Although the experience of an Ayahuasca ceremony in its natural habitat is unique and indescribable, we do realize that the Peruvian Amazon is not always very accessible to each and everyone. Because of the financial aspects, the time consuming journey and the extreme difference in culture we want to offer Norma’s ceremonies closer to your home.

Norma intends to make several international visits to offer her ceremonies. If you are interested in inviting her to a location near you, please let us know. At this moment we have a visit planned to Mexico.

During the fall of 2006, from September 7 to 30, Norma Panduro will visit Mexico to offer her Ayahuasca ceremonies to both international visitors and local residents.

Playa del Carmen

This inspiring Mexican tourist destination is one of the fastest growing places in South America located about 35 miles (45 minutes/50 kilometers) South of Cancun in a fascinating region better known as the Mayan Riviera.

Unlike Cancun with it’s miles and miles of high rise hotels, Playa del Carmen is still able to remain it’s character because of it’s 3 level building restriction.

Besides the warm climate, the turquoise coloured Caribbean Sea and the international atmosphere, there is much more that the Riviera Maya has to offer. Here is a small selection:

  • Scuba Diving and snorkelling at the colourful reefs
  • Swimming at Cenotes (lime stone caves)
  • Visiting famous Maya Ruins like Chichen Itza
  • Playing golf at one of the 13 golf courses
  • Any water sport you can think of including kite surfing
  • Exploring adventurous jungle tours
  • Walking the pristine beaches of Tulum
  • Whining and dining at one of the international restaurants
  • Shop till you drop

Pueblo Sacbe

Norma’s ceremonies will be offered in a beautiful palapa in the community of Pueblo Sacbe. Pueblo SacBe is a conscious sustainable community growing in the jungle between Mother Earth and the Caribbean Sea. Their collective dream is to create a community in a safe and respectful environment, encouraging awareness of our globe and harmony in our lives. Their focus is on creating an intentional village that functions within the laws of nature and becomes sustainable with the ingenuity of the villagers and the abundant local resources. The SacBe Team is committed to the project and their goal is to draw like minded people to share this tapestry of dreams. Much more then a gated development, Pueblo Sacbe is a private oasis located in the jungle within the city limits of Playa del Carmen, the fastest growing city of North America.

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