If Norma is not visiting a foreign country, she welcomes you to visit her idyllic centre. You can stay from one night up to several months. This all depends on your wishes or medical and/or spiritual needs. But be careful now; many visitors who had planned a stay of several days ended up staying many weeks, mesmerized by the teachings of Ayahuasca and Norma’s energy.

The price per night is $100.- USD and this includes a ceremony, food and lodging. If you are a returning visitor or wish an extended visit we will apply discounts, depending on the length of your stay and your personal situation.

If you are interested in visiting Norma’s centre ‘Estrella Ayahuasca’, please call: (+) 51 65 993 7762 or (+) 51 65 961.4817 or email to: or

You can also directly go to her centre. Have a motor taxi drive you to the corner of Prospero and Libertad. There you take a bus to Nauta and have yourself drop off at Km. 45.5. On your right hand side you will find a sign and a short and easy walk into deep jungle will bring you to her little paradise. If this is all still a little bit confusing; just ask Gerald or his lovely wife Pamela, the most hospitable owners of ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ and one of Norma’s biggest fans.

Of course you can drop by at the office of Alan Shoemaker and his lovely wife Mariella to ask for more information or instructions on how to reach Norma’s centre.
Their address is:
Morona 531, Iquitos, Peru (+) 51 65 993 7762

In Short:

Location in the jungle:
Centre of research of Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants
Carretera Inquitos-Nauta KM. 45.5
E-mail: or

Office in Iquitos:
Alan Shoemaker
Morona 531, Iquitos, Peru
(+) 51 65 993 7762

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