At Km 45.5 on the highway from Iquitos to Nauta and then a half hour easy walk into deep jungle you will find Norma’s healing centre. As a non-profit organization the centre was founded 6 years ago as ‘Clinica Naturista “Jose Torres Vasquez” in honor of the man who helped Norma open her own centre.

This last year the beautiful clinic has been renamed into ’Estrella Ayahuasca’, a centre for the research of Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants. Norma is the president of the centre and her new Dutch associate and apprentice Paula (Tarzana) Harbrink Numan is the vice president.

A luscious tropical garden with close to 20 different kinds of fruit trees, a slow meandering stream and small paths bordered with coloured flowers and orchids awaits you during your visit at Norma’s healing centre. A large round ceremonial lodge (maloca) offers space for up to 30 people for Ayahuasca rituals. We have grown from 1 to 7 communal and private sleeping lodges (cabanas) over the past year. Also a new kitchen and a large new common area have been added to the grounds.

To experience the stillness of pure nature without the penetrating sound of cars and motors, to feel the absence of the radio waves of phones and TV, to simply enjoy the concert of the mystical world of the Amazonian jungle, join us at our beautiful healing centre.