Norma Panduro

As one the few female shamans Norma Panduro has dedicated her life to the research and treatment of any form of physical, mental or spiritual illness with the wide diversity of medicinal plants of the Amazons and Ayahuasca in particular.

Norma is a very humble but powerful healer who has received and successfully treated visitors from all over the world. Compared to the often serious and stern appearance of the male dominated world of shamans, her warm compassion and unique sense of humor make her a very accessible teacher. Being a woman facilitates the participation of our female visitors to the healing qualities of Ayahuasca ceremonies because they are in the safe care and protective guidance of a kindhearted and knowledgeable shamana.

On November 11, 1944 Norma was born in one of the floating houses of Belen, a well known but very poor neighborhood of Iquitos, Peru. At the age of 17 she was successfully treated for tuberculosis and lung cancer by an ‘Ayahuasquero’ from Pucallpa. Regardless of her mothers concerns she apprenticed with her ‘Maestro’ for 5 years. Despite all the hardship for simply being a woman she has been practicing and successfully healing people for about forty years.