Travel Information

If you want to fly to Iquitos, you will have to go to Lima first and stay overnight in a hotel. There is no way around it. If any of your questions are not answered after reading the following travel information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What to bring
Sandals, light weight hiking boots, shorts and t-shirts, light weight rain jacket, hat, sunglasses, one pair of long pants, towel, two single size sheets (Instead of two sheets, you may want to bring a light weight sleeping bag) , those wanting hammocks should purchase one here (cheaper), insect repellent, flashlight, camera.

Vaccination & Pills
It is our opinion that you should not take anti-malaria pills or yellow fever vaccinations.

Plane Tickets
Mariella Noriega de Shoemaker (owner of Chinchilejo in Iquitos and wife of Alan) now has opened a Travel Agency, SABRE equipped. If you would like to purchase your international and-or national flights via Chinchilejo, please contact Mariella at: Chinchilejo accepts Master, Visa and Western Union as well as bank wire transfers. Most often your travel agencies quote for flights within Peru are over-priced. Chinchilejo can arrange these flights for you.

Purchasing your internal Peruvian flight
Normally the travel agencies in the States, Europe, Canada and Australia, etc. only have listings for Lan Peru. There are 4 other airlines operating in Peru. Currently the price from Lima to Iquitos is around 90 USD's. If your travel agency is quoting you this price, that is correct.

Those wishing internal flights must can give their name to Mariella as it appears on their passport, number of passport and country of origin.After they reserve the flight (E Ticket), it must be paid within 24 hours. You must send the funds to: Mariella Noriega, Iquitos Peru via Western Union. They will then give you your E Ticket code. You take that code and show it to the airlines counter in the Lima airport and they issue your boarding pass.

Staying in Lima
Las Palmas Hotel in the Miraflores section of Lima is one block off the JFK park and in a very safe area of Lima. Costs: $22.00 USD Taxi in from the airport: 35 Soles. The email for Hotel Las Palmas for making your reservation: They are bi-lingual (Spanish-English) and will confirm your reservation via e-mail. We don't recommend you to spend more time in Lima than you absolutely have to.

Staying in Iquitos
There is a large variety of hotels in Iquitos with a wide range in price and comfort. Let us know what your wishes are in location, economics and comfort and we will advise you accordingly.

Money exchange rates
As of April, 2006: 1 dollar - 3.25 Soles, 1 Euro - 3.80 Soles

Exchanging money upon arrival Lima
There is a kiosk in the airport. The exchange rate is generally the same in the airport as the banks in Miraflores, just a block from your hotel. The desk clerk at the hotel will point you in the right direction. The official exchangers on the street wear vests denoting that they are money exchangers. Often you can exchange at the front desk of the Hotel as well. Remember to always recount your money after they have given it to you

Exchange money in Iquitos
Travelers Checks are convenient but a hassle. Dollars or Euros can be easily exchanged on the streets. ATM machines are everywhere as well. Iquitos is very safe and friendly. Remember to notify your bank that you will be in South America so they can program their computers so that you will not have any problems with your ATM card.

Dollars: Please be sure and bring fresh, uncut and unblemished dollars. Slightly torn and worn bills can be exchanged but the exchange rate is quite a bit lower than if you had fresh crisp dollars.

Euros: Euros can be also be exchanged in Iquitos but please bring nice ones. Notes other than USD's or Euros can not be exchanged in Iquitos.

Security in Lima and Iquitos
The Lima airport has professional thieves working it. Do not set you camera gear of your small daypacks down unless you know it is secured.

Arrival Lima airport
Fill out the Visa information given to you on your flight, stand in line for your Visa stamp (90 days is standard), retrieve your baggage and walk toward customs. You will be told to push the button on the post and it will turn either red or green. Green means you and your luggage pass without inspection. Red means that you must put your baggage on the platform and it will be opened. (1 our of 10 times the light turns red).

Taxi in Lima
Outside of the international arrivals section, there are numerous taxis awaiting you. Bargain for 35 Soles. Do not accept a taxi that has tinted windows or that does not have rear doors. Place your luggage in the trunk. For those that do not speak spanish, show the driver a card with Hotel Las Palmas (or another hotel if you prefer), Miraflores. The card could also note: 35 Soles, Hotel Las Palmas, Miraflores

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